Congratulations! Our second round of the Great Geek Challenge quiz is over, and Simon Peek was selected as our prize winner!

Here are those (slightly less) tricksy questions from the last round, along with the answers:

1) What is Striders real name?

Aragorn.  Son of Arathorn if you want to get technical.

2) On a camera, what does a larger f-stop mean?

A larger f-stop means a smaller aperture. This means letting in less light, also a deeper depth of field where more things are in focus. It can also affect the sharpness.

3) What was a spinoff of Battlestar Galactica in 2010?

Caprica.  It was a prequel.

4) Which building material produces a gleam, a gymnast and a pyrotechnic?

Adobe produces Flash, Acrobat and Fireworks.

Be sure to go check out the mobile app for this week’s questions! (We’re going even easier on you this week!) Selected entries will be notified via email, so be sure to put your email on your submission.