If you didn’t manage to make it to our Spark Ideas session at Lotusphere this year, we have a treat for you. Thanks to our friends at Spiked Studios we have video of each of the 6 sessions and thanks of course to all of our Sparks speakers, the feedback was amazing and we’ll definitely be doing this again.

Each of the video clips below runs about 6 minutes so take a coffee break and get ready for some inspiration!

Mitch Cohen – Get Cancer Get Social
Francie Tanner – The Art Of Duct Tape
Tim Davis – Choosing To Be Lucky
Marie Scott – 2 Women, 2 Countries, and a Journey
Warren Elsmore – LEGO, how the company almost completely fell apart and was rebuilt
Meg Petersen – Taking The Stage

So what’s next?  Well we hope to do another Spark Ideas session at the Benelux User Group on 22nd March (www.blug.be) so if you’re coming to BLUG and you would like to do a “Spark” then please email info@nerdgirlgroup.com.

The topic can be anything that you feel is relevant. Whatever you think would inspire your colleagues and friends in the room!